Netflix Announced Renewal of Season 2 for Stranger Things

Netflix Stranger Things

The new successful series, Stranger Things, has gotten a lot of positive reviews since it began airing in the summer of 2016 and the hype has proven to be legitimate. There is no surprise on the new announcement made by Netflix for renewal of Season 2. On Wednesday 31st August 2016, the CEO of Netflix, Reed Hastings, said that it “would be dumb not to” return the sci-fi series for another season. The teaser revealed that the Season 2 for Stranger Things will be aired in 2017 and will consist of nine episodes in the following order and name;

  • Madmax
  • The Boy Who Came Back to Life
  • The Pumpkin Patch
  • The Palace
  • The Storm
  • The Pollywog
  • The Secret Cabin
  • The Brain
  • The Lost Brother

The extension of the current phenomenon of Netflix will have the setting of the ‘fall of 1984’, a year following the events of Season 1. The teaser did not confirm any cast members for the upcoming season. However, due to the outstanding performance and high ratings, our hopes are high on Winona Ryder, David Harbour, Matthew Modine, and Finn Wolfhard. Also, keeping in mind Harbour’s hint about Season 2 on Reddit, we believe he is likely to return.

On the other hand, we are still unsure about Millie Bobby Brown returning as the telekinetic savior ‘Eleven’ in the next season as she had sacrificed herself in order to triumph over the Demogorgon in the Chapter 8 of Season 1, ‘The Upside Down’. The return of the surprise darling of the show ‘BARB’ in any ghostly form is still yet to be known.

Viewers and fans were already a bit sure of the return of the chapters for season two as the creators of Stranger Things, Matt and Ross Duffer, spoke about it prior to the announcement. Once in an interview with Variety and then at the Television Critics Association press tour.   

The date of the premiere is yet to be announced which has given us enough time to theorize on the titles of the Chapters and as well as which citizens of Hawkins, Indiana are likely to return or not to return. Irrespective of fewer revelations, we are still so excited!