Need for Speed: Payback Is Reminiscence Of The Fast And The Furios


The newest entry in EA’s veteran racing game series, Need for Speed, was revealed yesterday at the EA Play Conference on the first day of E3. The game is being developed by Ghost Games, and is titled Need For Speed: Payback.

The games debut trailer feels like a trailer for a Fast and Furious movie, featuring action packed high speed chases with plenty of explosive set pieces, in stark contrast to its racing sim competitors Gran Turismo and Forza. The game also features player induced car crashed as part of the gameplay, very similar to the ‘takedowns’ that are a staple of Burnout games. Judging from the gameplay trailer, this game will be a hit with fans of the Fast and Furious movie series as well as the Burnout game series.

The game is set in the underworld of Fortune Valley, and features 3 characters working together to get revenge against a nefarious cartel, called The House, which controls the city’s criminals, casinos and cops. The characters are Mac; the Showman, Jess; the Wheelman and Tyler; the Racer, who will take part in a variety of challenges and events to earn the respect of the underground.

Need for Speed: Payback will launch on November 10, 2017 for the PS4, Xbox One and PC.