All That You Need To Know About FX’s New Series Legion


FX’s and Marvel’s Legion is in the making, and we have Noah Hawley (Fargo) to thank for this spectacular surreal series. At New York Comic Con recently, Hawley was joined by the cast  — and other big names from Marvel Television — to reveal an extended look at Legion’s pilot episode, which will be released around the start of 2017.

The extended footage was phenomenal to say the least – an alluring mix of  vibrant color schemes and brilliant musical sequences with a generic storytelling sensibility, an antihero origin story filled with quick cuts, nonlinear progression and dueling realities.

We get introduced to X-Men member Legion — neé David Haller as a baby in the first of a myriad of montages orchestrated to ’60s pop songs. Set in a timeline and world similar to ours, Haller is seen as a paranoid schizophrenic, due to the voices he claims he hears in his had. These voices makes him act unwillingly and do crazy stuff like allegedly sending his girlfriend at the mental hospital down the river. Helvetica-set chyrons defines locations and characteristics within the asylum where the heavily medicated, ‘crazy’ man is kept subdued in captivity.

Prior to cohabiting up with Sydney Barrett, a woman who refuses physical contact, Haller finds himself in a deadlock accompanied with his everyday routine of pills and medication. Thanks to his sudden and strange relationship, things begin to substantially change in his favor. The footage ends with Haller on the brink of realizing his gifts. Maybe he isn’t really crazy and the voices within him are only insinuating that he is no mere man, but an all powerful mutant.

It’s a fast paced, extraordinary and a brilliant look in to the series. Set in a universe parallel to the X-Men cinematic world, comic book fans know the character well and will relate at ease with him. Fans will be definitely eager for the full series to be out soon, as the extended sneak peak has us all hyped. Are you excited and looking forward to the show? Do you think it will be a major success? Share your thoughts and views by commenting below.