Nearly 5 years On GTA V Still Tops The Charts



There are few games that continue to get the green bucks even years after their release. All gaming developers are aiming to develop something, that could resonate with the audience for years. These games not only help bring financial gains to the developers but also help build an overall brand.

Rockstar Games’s Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V), is one such game. The game was released on September 17, 2013 but continues to dominate best selling charts. As reported by Comicbook/wwg, and according to UKIEG, GTA 5 has topped UK gaming sales charts once again for the week ending January 13.

GTA V is a game that offers a wide and diverse world for players to delve into. Not only does the game has a tremendous and well thought storyline but its online platform offers an opportunity to gamers across the world to get a chance to connect and play a wide range of missions together.

The game has managed to remain at the top selling list for 14 weeks since its launch. It trails behind ‘Who wants to Be a Millionaire” who has remained at the top for 18 weeks. GTA’s popularity at the moment may help it steer past the “ Who wants to be a Millionaire” series. Peer pressure and new PS4 buyers may just be a stimulus to take GTA to the top.

GTA V tops the January 13 week sales charts. Its followed by Call of Duty: WWII, FIFA 18 and Assassins Creed: Origins. Interestingly these games are all recent releases and still lag behind the popularity of GTA V . 5 years on and the social and cultural impact of the series is still massive .Even the hugely popular Call Of Duty and FIFA 18 have to take a backseat to a game which came out almost 5 years back.