NBA Playgrounds Announced For Xbox One, Switch and PS4


Attention sports games fans: NBA Playgrounds has been announced today. The games developers, Saber Interactive, released the game’s trailers .

The game seems to have an NBA Jam or an NBA Street vibe to it. The games resemblance to EA’s NBA Jam is uncanny: two v two basketball, cartoonish characters with exaggerated features (more like caricatures of the players), and fun fast paced arcade-y gameplay rather than a serious basketball simulation like the traditional NBA line of games.

Sabers CEO, Matt Karch, said he wanted to make the game universally accessible for anyone to pick up, play and have a blast, but the devs made sure the game would have “alot of depth for hardcore pros”.

The game brings a larges lineup of new and old players, from current NBA stars to legends like Shaquille O’Neal, Stepth Curry, Lebron James and Allen Iverson. The game boasts over-the-top colorful and simple arcade gameplay, and looks like a family game that players of all ages will enjoy. The game will also feature local as well as online multiplayer.

NBA Playgrounds is the most recent game in the slightly lesser known cartoony, arcade-y sports games genre, which already has some well known games like Old Time Hockey and Mutant Football League. The game can hopefully rake in more players interest towards this genre as it actually has an official league license unlike the two games listed above.

NBA Playgrounds looks set to revive arcade-like basketball games, which have been scarce since NBA Jam: On Fire Edition for the Xbox 360, Wii and PS3.

NBA Playgrounds is set to launch in May for the PS4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One. The game will be available as a $20 digital download.