Those Who Pre-Ordered NBA 2K18 May Regret Their Decision



So if you’re a basketball fan you’ve probably ordered the newest iteration of NBA, NBA 2K18 which released this week. The game was also available for Pre-Order and hardcore were all up for that plus there were some sweet perks to with it to. The aforementioned sweet stuff was Early-Acces to the game and a buckload of VC or (virtual currency) is the currency used to level up and upgrade your character.

The issue arose when players who Pre-Ordered the game suddenly crashed and poof went their VC and all the progress that their character had made in-game. While the issue was resolved by a Patch the players who Pre-Ordered the game got no sort of reimbursement thus the official 2K Support Twitter page was bombarded with Tweets form very disappointed fans. I mean who can blame them, you pre-order NBA 2K18 and expect to get a premium product instead of a glitch . It thoroughly defeats the purpose of going out and buying the game before everyone else so they can enjoy the perks that come with it.

2K has had no reply except the cliche one that They’re working on it”. Although the game has been patched the one’s who Pre-Ordered it are still waiting to get their issue resolved

All in all it appears that 2K has been caught with their pants down in a very embarrassing situation. NBA 2K18 is an annual franchise , whose followers increase with each and every year. This debacle will certainly see sales plummet, and the loss will hurt not only Basket Ball and gaming fans , but the reputation of one of the most renowned publishers out there 2K.

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