N64 Emulator Removed From Xbox One


A Microsoft representative stated that the Win64e10 app “violated policy,” which is why it was removed.

“We love to see passion for gaming, and enjoy supporting all types of game and application innovation. While Win64e10 was initially available in the Xbox Store, further review showed it violated policy and is no longer available,” a spokesperson said. “The full Windows Store Policy can be found here.”

The news about a Nintendo 64 app for Xbox One was floating earlier this week on Reddit. It apparently allowed you to play games from the classic system, like Super Mario 64and Mario Kart 64.

The app has since been removed, although people who have already installed it may still be able to use it.


The app known as Win64e10 was released on the weekend, according to people on Reddit, though it took a few days for the hype to build. According to the site, the app was “hidden on the marketplace as it had not received a Microsoft-approved release.” If you knew the app’s name though you could still find it.

The app has now been brought down by Microsoft. Reddit users claim that it still works for those who have it installed, although there are few bugs which could’ve been fixed through future patches. There is a YouTube video showing how the app works here.

An Xbox One update came out earlier this year which allowed support for  the Universal Windows Platform, which lets Windows store apps run on your Xbox one. Microsoft may have made an example of the N64 emulator and are very likely to continue taking down any apps which they deem are of questionable nature.

We’ll be sure to update you on any further developments. Did you guys have a chance to try out the emulator before it was taken down? Let us know in the comments.