Sony Launches My PlayStation, Which Allows PSN Features Through A Web Browser



Sony has launched My PlayStation which allows various PSN features through the use of a web browser.

The service as of now has only been launched on the official PlayStation Japanese blog, but the features are available for EU and US  account users as well. The news comes via ResetEra according to whom the My PlayStation service will feature PSN services.

My PlayStation lets you access PSN features through a browser, such as checking your friend lists, viewing/accepting friend requests and sending messages (including those cute PS stamps) to your PSN friends. You can also view your trophies and check/edit your profile.

“PlayStation Blog Japan also writes that in the future, SEN account managing features will be migrated to My PlayStation as well.

These features were already available in the mobile app, so I guess you can see My PlayStation as a web version of that.”

First impressions suggest that the feature is going to be quite useful, and will allow a greater deal of convenience to most PlayStation users. Which is another added feature in PS4’s already impressive list of attributes.

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