Mr. Robot; Just Five Seasons?


The words from Sam Esmail don’t really come as a shock to fans of the show, if you look at all the major shows in pop culture that have gone past 5 season in the past decade have mostly been sitcoms with strict formulas (The Big Bang Theory) or adaptations from book (Game of thrones).

The reality of the matter is that a show like Mr. Robot cannot go past a certain number of seasons and still be as good as it is now. The thriller genre is one such that a single overlaying narrative cannot keep the viewers interested for more than a certain period; Sam Esmail feels that period is five years for Mr. Robot.

Other shows such as “American horror stories” have kept kicking by changing the overlaying narrative every season and giving the viewer’s new characters and new arcs to keep them interested. A simple explanation, of a creator not willing to extend a shows run beyond what their vision for said show is, is that I would implore you to imagine a world where “breaking bad” had 10 seasons, we were all sad to see the show end but do you really think it would’ve worked if they had just kept extending it.

The point I’m trying to make here is that no matter how good a show is it has a life span, unless that show is “The Simpsons” which I am convinced will keep airing long after we’re all gone. It is a good sign that Sam Esmail doesn’t want to prolong the show to keep the money rolling, let’s just hope that the USA network doesn’t force a couple of extra season on him which is something that has been done a lot in the past and has also ruined some great shows, “How I Met Your Mother” comes to mind.  

All that remains now is to hope the season finale of Mr. robot is as good as it is built up to be and that the journey of Elliot keeps giving us the twists and turns we have come to love from the show.