Monster Hunter XX Comes Out For Nintendo Switch Soon


Monster Hunter XX is another title that will be soon heading to the Nintendo Switch

Considering the outselling of the console in a very limited period of time and its success, it is not shocking to hear that the Nintendo Switch is attracting the attention of third-party developers and publishers which tells us that more games might be coming to Switch. An official third-party partner with Nintendo for the hybrid console is Capcom and it has confirmed Monster Hunter XX for the next gen console.

It was officially confirmed by Capcom through their official Twitter account. Currently, the game, Monster Hunter XX, is available for Nintendo 3DS but on Saturday is Monster Hunter Championship 2017 and Capcom will release more details about the game at that.

On the other hand, it should not be a shock that this is not the only third-party game that has been announced to be launched for the Switch. Another developer named Psyonix has also unveiled that they are thinking of bringing Rocket League to the hybrid console but, as per the studio, it is only going to happen if there is considerable demand for it.

Additionally, EA announced FIFA 18 for Nintendo Switch as per them; it will be released later this year along with the console versions of the game. The experience will be customized by the development team of FIFA in Vancouver as they have already worked on the Wii U version of FIFA.

But EA doesn’t plan on just releasing FIFA 18 for Nintendo Switch. Throughout the earnings call of EA, the CEO Andrew Wilson unveiled that the company is excited about Nintendo Switch as well as the innovation that came with it. He also mentioned that EA is thinking of bringing in more titles to the hybrid console.

Monster Hunter XX is an action RPG that is developed by Capcom for Nintendo 3DS and will be released for Switch later this year. What do you think about that let us know in the comments below!!