Monster Hunter: World To Be Next Main Entry In The Series



Monster Hunter: World was announced at E3 2017 at Sony’s conference for the PS4 and Xbox One and it took most of us by surprise. There was still speculation of whether this entry in the series was going to be a main game or a spin off as the addition of “World” after it’s name sparked interest. The next main game in the series would have been traditionally titled Monster Hunter 5 but this is not the case this time.


But Capcom CEO, Ryuzo Tsujimoto, was quick to clear the air and indeed confirm that Monster Hunter: World will be the next mainline title in the franchise. Most of the people that were responsible for the previous games like Monster Hunter 1,2 and 4 are working on this title so it can be expected to stay up to the same standards as the previous games.


“As illustrated in the Announcement Trailer above, this latest entry brings hunters around the globe to a brand new world built from the ground up with stunning visuals to support completely new ways to hunt monsters. Our development team in Japan has created a living, breathing ecosystem of interactive flora and fauna. This ecosystem plays a key role in every hunt, allowing you to use natural environmental traps and even the hierarchy of the food chain itself as part of your strategy in battle. Leading your target to its natural predator is fantastic way to get the upper hand, if you can avoid getting yourself into more trouble.”


Capcom is also referring to this game as the next in the series on their website which basically seals the deal. Monster Hunter: World is releasing in early 2018 for the PS4 and Xbox One while a PC version will be available later. Be sure to stay tuned!