Miyamoto Believes Nintendo Should Have Made Minecraft


It is possible for legends like creator of Super Mario, Shigeru Miyamoto, to get envious regarding careers. As per an interview with Glixel, the creator of the legendary Super Mario, expressed his fondness for Minecraft along with his exasperation for the fact that Nintendo did not get as far as Minecraft before Mojang.

During the interview, he was asked whether there are games excluding Neko Atsume that Shigery Miyamoto likes to play, his response was “not really” which was a shocking answer coming from one of the world’s highly respected game designer.

Contrarily, another title caught Miyamoto’s attention. He said,

“I do like Minecraft, but really more from the perspective of the fact that I really feel like that’s something we should have made. We had actually done a lot of experiments that were similar to that back in the N64 days and we had some designs that were very similar. It’s really impressive to me to see how they’ve been able to take that idea and turn it into a product.”

The charm of Minecraft, perhaps, would not have been able to survive in a Nintendo version of the game as it is not in sync with the style of the company.

Recently, Super Mario Maker has been released for 3DS and although doesn’t live up to standards of Wii U cousin all credit goes to limited online sharing; we all are still impressed.

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