Microsoft Unveiled An Extra Gigabyte for Project Scorpio



Microsoft’s Mike Ybarra has made an announcement about Project Scorpio and it’s that an extra gigabyte for the Scorpio has been unlocked for the developers of Xbox One Scorpio. This announcement has been made just a few days before the beginning of E3. The consoles developer version has a couple of improvements over the consumer model to help with the development of new games over its lifetime.

In the beginning, the dev kit version of the Xbox One Scorpio had twelve extra gigabytes of RAM in comparison to the regular Xbox One Scorpio. On the other hand, through this fiddling as well as the ensuing extra Scorpio gigabyte, now there are 13 extra gigabytes of RAM which makes it a console better than it was before for the developers who want to make games for it.

Three quarters of the dev kit’s RAM of Xbox One Scorpio will be handed over to developing games as the rest is only for the actual console. RAM permits a console to load more games/assets in a single time which means that it has to load less things as you are gaming.

It has been said by Microsoft that it is the developers decision on how much they want to make their games peek up with the release of Xbox One Scorpio, and optimistically will all this new technology, they will get to scale it up as much as possible.

More concrete information is going to soon be released about the Xbox One Scorpio in the Microsoft E3 conference but whether the console will be a topic on its own or a short discussion is yet to be witnessed.

Probably, the company is likely to make Project Scorpio look good in the eyes of consumers and not just with technical specifications but even with many amazing games; the Xbox One has been left way behind the PS4 and that is due to less exclusives and so maybe the Scorpio will impress gamers once it’s released.