Microsoft To Start Bundling Game Drivers With Games Downloaded From The Windows Store


At WinHEC 2016, Microsoft explained its vision for gaming going forward on Windows 10 and the Xbox One. They highlighted a few of the upcoming updates on their way for gaming on Windows 10 particularly the Creators Update. So without further ado let us begin our examination.

For starters Microsoft revealed that Windows Store will start bundling game drivers for games downloaded from the Windows Store. This enables Windows 10 to offer a better experience to users since they’ll no longer need to manually download drivers from third-parties. This is undoubtedly a major improvement for the Windows Store and the Universal Windows Platform in particular as users will be able to get automatic updates for game drivers on their PC without having to worry about installing the drivers after downloading a game from the Windows Store. Although this may cause problems for some people as the change may end up causing compatibility issues in some machines..

Alongside this, Microsoft also made some announcements regarding its Xbox Wireless ecosystem which they first revealed earlier in the year during gamescom. For those of you not aware of the Xbox Wireless, it is basically a program that enables Xbox One accessories to work with Windows 10 PCs flawlessly. At WinHec Microsoft announced that it is collaborating with 8 partners to bring accessories that support Xbox Wireless in 2017 including the likes of gaming headset makers Astro, Turtle Beach, and Plantronics.


During the course of the event, Microsoft also highlighted a few of the other upcoming improvements related to gaming on the Windows 10 with the Creators Update:

Game Broadcasting in Windows 10 should also be a major feature for gamers, particularly for those who enjoy streaming their gameplay. These features of course are still months away from release as they’ll come out along with the creators update in early 2017.