Microsoft Says DirectX 12 Enhancements Will Drastically Benefit Xbox One Scorpio

xbox one S

The specs for Xbox One Scorpio have been revealed recently and it is packing some heavy power. The most powerful console ever, as it’s being called, has been confirmed to have eight custom CPU cores all clocked at 2.3GHz. 12GB GDDR5 memory with a bandwidth of 326GB/s gives Scorpio a lot of juice to run games at native 4k.

And to add to the performance, DirectX 12 improvements are helping the Scorpio. Microsoft’s Andrew Goossen told Eurogamer that DirectX 12 enhancements will make the Scorpio look better in terms of UI and also improve gaming performance.

The graphical component of DirectX has been moved into the command processor of the Scorpio’s GPU that will allow the console to do DirectX related tasks faster and more efficiently. This will result in lower load times in games and general UI as the hard drive speeds have been boosted too.

Games will be faster to boot as most of the data will be stored in a larger cache rather than being loaded up every time. All of these improvements coupled together should make for a very fast and smooth native 4k experience as the Xbox One Scorpio promises.

There is no information regarding the pricing of the Scorpio however it will be priced higher than the Xbox One S. Microsoft are making sure that this price is well justified by making sure that the Scorpio performs like it is advertised. It promises native 4k gaming on a console and possibly give mid-ranged gaming PCs a run for their money.

Should there be problems with the Scorpio at launch like the PS4 Pro, there is no guaranteed answer. Both the consoles are aimed at running games at 4K (although the Pro upscales to this resolution) and the PS4 Pro has faced quite a number of problems doing this. It is reported that some games run better on the regular PS4 than the Pro. Scorpio is expected to release late this year and one can hope that it will not be plagued with the same issues.