Microsoft Reports Increase In Gaming Revenue And Xbox Live Userbase



Microsoft recently released revenue stats that showed that they had an increase in overall revenue generated from their gaming sector. This, along with an increase in the playerbase for Xbox Live, was reported in the earnings report for Q4 for the 2017 fiscal year for the company.

The actual increase is of 3% ($1.66billion), most of which is by software sales which outnumbered the lower hardware sales. The hardware sales are sure to shoot up as soon as Xbox One X is released later this year and people are definitely waiting for the premium console. Most of this increase can be attributed to a great marketing strategy for Xbox Live, with amazing deals and sales going almost all month round.

The number of Xbox Live users has increased by a hefty 8% totalling up to 53 million users for the online service. The services that Xbox Live offers are sure to be credited for this increase such as Xbox Play Anywhere, Game Pass and Games With Gold.

Later this year, a lot of things are set to come out for Xbox fans as the long awaited release of the “native 4k” console draws closer. Not only that, but spectacular AAA titles such as Crackdown 3 and the new Forza are also coming later this year! It’s a great time to be an Xbox user (although you would miss out on the likes of Horizon: Zero Dawn and Breath of the Wild).

All in all, the total revenue for the fourth quarter of this fiscal year for Microsoft are $24.7 billion and these numbers are sure to skyrocket as the most powerful console ever made is released later this year. Stay tuned for everything new on Xbox and Microsoft!

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