Microsoft Quietly Changes Forza Motorsport 7 VIP Listing Due To Criticism



Forza special high-tier package has always included the VIP Pass and it is the same with the latest addition of Forza Motorsport 7! The “Ultimate Edition” of the game not only guarantees early access for buyers but it gives them special in-game content and bonuses for them to enjoy, the edition retails for a $100. The VIP listing gives you access to exclusive cars and a faster way to progress in-game.

A lot of people complained about the changes Microsoft made to the VIP Listing without any notice or proper announcement. A few people over at reddit saw that Micosoft later quietly edited the listing for the VIP Pass, following some criticism and backlash from fans of the series.

The VIP Passes included permanent “CR” bonuses that would last indefinitely for the user if they purchased the access, but with the revised VIP Pass it’s now a 5-use consumable Mod Card which will eventually run out and users will have to buy them again for the benefits. These mod cards can also be acquired from randomized loot boxes!

This was what caused the outrage, the description does not mention anywhere that the mod cards are consumable:

“Exclusive cars Mods Driver Gear and more await with Forza Motorsport 7 VIP membership! Forza Motorsport 7 VIP members receive exclusive VIP cars. VIPs will receive additional benefits including 100% CR bonus Mods VIP Driver Gear and more. Get your VIP membership today!”

This was later revised to the current description:

“Forza Motorsport 7 VIP membership features exclusive rewards you can’t get anywhere else! Forza Motorsport VIPs receive exclusive VIP cars, VIP Driver Gear Suits, as well as five 100% CR bonus Mod cards (five uses each per card), and more. Get your VIP membership today!”

This has received major backlash from the community, this has affected the rating of the VIP Pass which sits at 1.2 stars on the Microsoft Store. Stay tuned for more on this!