Microsoft Puts Light To Xbox Scorpio Frame Rate/Fidelity


A new detail of the upcoming console from Microsoft, Xbox Scorpio, has been simplified. The engineering lead at Xbox, Mike Ybarra, has affirmed that Microsoft is not going to force developers to make sure that there is an equal frame rate between the games of Xbox Scorpio and Xbox One.

In a reply to a fan on Twitter, Ybarra emphasized that there is no such directive as of yet. He even responded with a proper reasoning that there is a need that a game’s Xbox One frame rate is same as for the Scorpio version. Here’s what he said:

Following this tweet, Ybarra even placed the policy of Microsoft in front so that they are more clear and direct. Here’s what he said:

“Developers are free to choose how they use the power of Project Scorpio for games. We have no requirements limiting frame rate or fidelity.”

The new console is being placed as the ‘most powerful console ever made,’ hence, it will be adverse if the developers had to reign in their visions of games by limiting fidelity and frame rate. Shannon Loftis of Microsoft Studios believes that the developers will keep the frame rate the same for multiplayer games. Here is what she had to say about the entire thing

All the games of Xbox One can work on the new upcoming console, Scorpio, and although the editions of Scorpio can look and work better but only in some cases when the developers wants to do that. It is a situation that is similar to PS4 and PS4 Pro.

It is expected from Microsoft to share more details on Scorpio at E3 or perhaps earlier than that. Undoubtedly, we are going to know of the console’s official name and price, along with other things too in the coming weeks and months to come prior to the system’s launch during the holidays later this year.