Microsoft Just Trademarked “Direct Reality” And It Seems To Be Related To Gaming



The rumor mill has been churning overtime with E3 so near and today we got to know about Direct Reality. With E3 2017 right around the corner, Microsoft went ahead and surprised us early by filing a trademark application for “Direct Reality”, and it seems to be related to games for some reason.


The trademark refers to gaming software for computers for “holographic applications”. The trademark also includes “online computer game software” with holographic applications which could be the next big thing if Microsoft plays it’s cards right. It was filed on June 2, just a couple of days before E3 is here at the 10th.


Trademarks don’t always turn out to be fully functional products that are announced but some of these make the cut. Activision trademarked a couple of names for it’s Call of Duty franchise that we never got to see till date and hence its usually a game of wait and see.


It seems wise of Microsoft to go this route since the PlayStation VR has been quite a success amongst gamers. Microsoft might be looking to counter this by renovating their HoloLens Technology for usage in games. Doing so keeps in name with “Direct Reality” and would be an interesting and unexplored path in the industry.


Microsoft have, as of yet, not released any details or information regarding this trademark but we might get more at E3 on June 11th. We’ll be sure to let you know as soon as an update pops up or if we have more information on the said patent.


Xbox Scorpio is promised to support Virtual Reality but there is no word yet if it will be compatible with the HoloLens or some other AR Headset. Microsoft’s conference at E3 takes place on June 11th and be sure to stay tuned for more on Xbox Scorpio and everything Microsoft!