Microsoft To Come Up With A Major Announcement Soon



Microsoft has been upping its strategy to become the number one gaming platform from gamers. We recently learned that the top management is looking to come up with more first party titles. Sony’s PlayStation has always treaded ahead of Xbox due to the large number of titles on the console. Microsoft has finally decided to refrain from being second best and give Sony a run for its money. Microsoft in this gaming for has another surprise for its current and potential customers.

As reported by SegmentNext, Microsoft in the next coming days will announce a major breakthrough regarding digital games and their treatment. The company wishes to utilize its iconic digital ecosystem (The Windows) with the Xbox. The one domain where Microsoft has a major competitive advantage over Sony is its digital ecosystem. The Windows is a common household name around the world for the majority of the PCs. Unifying it with the Xbox can lead to huge dividends.

Xbox through Xbox live already has digital games. But what exactly this new breakthrough is likely to lead is still unknown. The insider regarding the issue said that “In fact, we’ll probably see an announcement sooner rather than later on that front that will give us an indication of how Microsoft intends to treat digital games in the future.”

The Insider also mentioned how Microsoft intends to come up with more first party titles. He regarding the issue said that “So the first point is that Microsoft are looking into using the budget they have to invest in new projects (both first party and external) to bring them to Xbox in the future. Whilst there will be a couple of surprise games this generation, the majority of projects in the works or planned are going to be a while out. There will still be a live service focus across all of their big games of course.”

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