Michael Pachter Microsoft Made A Mistake Launching Xbox One At $500, Sony And Microsoft Will Fund First Party Projects With Potential To Sell 4-5 Million Copies


Michael Pachter in his most recent broadcast of the Pachter Factor has said that Microsoft made a mistake when they priced the Xbox One at $500 , and that Sony took advantage of this very fact by selling PS4 for $400. He went on to say that there is no need for 4K Tv’s currently cause there is no 4K broadcast yet, and hence people would think twice before buying a 4K TV which costs upwards of $500 , and then buying a Xbox One Scorpio for the same price.

He went on to say that he expects that Microsoft will price the Xbox Scorpio at $ 399 for this very reason , and that anything above this would be a huge mistake.He further went on to say the Xbox One S costs around $299, and the main difference between an Xbox One , and a Scorpio is a CPU and GPU combo. He went on to say that he doesn’t think the CPU / GPU combo would cost a 100 dollars more to make and that it is even possible that the Xbox One Scorpio might be priced at $349 in the future.

He further added that both Microsoft and Sony are actually pumping more time energy, and resources into first party content than ever before, and that both the companies will fund good projects , titles which at least have the potential to sell around  4-5 million copies. According to Pachter profitability is not the issue at the moment for both companies and that they want to invest in titles which will be console sellers, and in his opinion Sony has been doing that tremendously well over the past few years. According to him both the companies are trying to make compelling content , and if it was only about the money they would have focused on multi-platforms instead.

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