Michael Pachter : Nintendo Can’t Convince People That Switch Is A Better Purchase Than A PS4 Or Xbox One


A lot has been made about the Nintendo’s newest hybrid console the Switch, and one man who never shy’s away from giving his opinion is Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter. He recently said that the Switch’s pricing was problematic .

“Priced at $300, Switch is not a more affordable alternative to the PS4 and Xbox One. Initial pricing is likely to be problematic given an underwhelming slate at launch and the fact that the PS4 and Xbox One are consistently discounted at retail below their starting prices of $300 with a free software pack-in,”

In a recent Podcast Pachter was quick to praise the content that was coming out for the Nintendo Switch in 2017 , and said that the first party content was a pleasant surprise for him. He however also said that Nintendo fanboy’s will buy the console however families looking for a console will look for a console which has a better software offering , and in Nintendo’s case their content offering is very thin compared to the PS4 and Xbox One.

He also added that the $299.99 price point would have been adequate in 2013 when the PS4 and the Xbox One were $400 and $500 respectively. With both the consoles nominally available at $299 , and discounted to somewhere around the same price in 2017. He then went on to add that he doesn’t believe that Nintendo can’t convince anybody that the Switch is a better purchase for a home console when compared with the Xbox One and PS4 .

He further added that he was surprised that NBA 2k18 and FIFA were headed to the Switch , but at the same time people will want to play games such as Call Of Duty and that is not going to bode well for the Switch when AAA titles are not available on the console.

Michael Pachter seems to divide opinion like no other analysts , and I for one think this time around his analysis is a bit of a mixed bag. Let us know what you think about his statements by commenting in the comments section below.




    I think hes absolutely right this time!

    I believe the switch will sell lifetime between 25 and 30 million (unless a very fast price drop ocurred).

    Its the peception that the switch is a console.

    nintendo had said, for now we are focusing on a handheld powerful enoug
    to play console experiences and that can be pluged to the TV everyone
    would be praising it, comparing it with mobile or other handhelds, but
    since Nintendo said it was primarily a console, people compare it with
    current consoles and there it doesnt look good at all.

  • J.j. Barrington

    Too big to be a successful handheld. Too weak to fight in the home console market.