Michael Pachter Believes The Xbox One X Will Outsell PS4 Pro



Xbox One X is undoubtedly going to be a beast of a console and just may have an edge over its counterpart the PS4 pro.

One man who definitely thinks that indeed will be the case is analyst Michael Pachter. He recently went on to say that the Xbox One X will rank above Sony’s PS4 Pro in terms of sale. He did however added that although the Mid Cycle Refreshment Console will outsell the PS4 Pro it will however  still be under the number of sale of the PS4 base model.

If that does indeed happen , and make no mistake I do believe there is a more than likely chance of that happening , then it will be a brilliant achievement for the Xbox One brand as a whole. The PS4 pro constitutes around 20% of PS4 sales since it was released. Though exact figures are not known that would put the PS4 Pro well above the 1 million mark. Which was Michael Pachter’s original prediction of how much the Xbox One X would sell.

So if the Xbox One X does indeed go on to overtake the PS4 Pro, then Microsoft will have done quite well. Think about it the Xbox One has had nearly next to no exclusives this calendar year and has constantly taken a backseat to the PS4. If it’s mid-gen upgrade the One X manages to overthrow the PS4 Pro based on graphical prowess despite launching a year later , it would be a significant coup for the Redmond based giants.

However only time will tell if this does become a reality, although I have a feeling that Pachter will be proved correct in the next few months.

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