Metallo to Appear in Supergirl Season 2

Melissa Benoit

The American Superhero Action-Adventure TV Series Supergirl is announced to have its second season aired on The CW on the 10th of October, 2016. It is yet to be known which cast members will be continuing but the announcement of Frederick Schmidt to play the role of the villain Metallo has been confirmed.

The character of Schmidt will be given the introduction of John Corben, as stated by Entertainment Weekly, who is an international assassin who got seriously injured after combating both Supergirl and Superman. After this battle, Corben will be given treatment by a peculiar organization which is going to be the reason behind his transformation to the Kryptonite-powered baddie, Metallo.

Green Kryptonite is the prime source of energy for Metallo and according to DC Comics; he is known to be Superman’s oldest rival. On the other hand, Metallo has appeared in other small screen series as well and the actors who player the characters in them are as follows:

  • Michael Callan on ‘Superboy’
  • Scott Valentine on ‘Lois & Clark’
  • Brian Austin Green on ‘Smallville’

The first revelation of Metallo being added to the list of Season 2 villains of Supergirl was made when Tyler Hoechlin was spotted with his Superman stunt double during the shoot of a fight scene in Vancouver. Along with them was also another actor as well as his stunt double that was shown to be playing Metallo.

Aside Metallo, another quite impressive addition has been made which includes the original Wonder Woman actress Lynda Carter. Her role will be of the President of the United States, keeping in mind her legend as the Wonder Woman.

Due to the new additions, it is being hoped that Supergirl will start off strong on The CW as the new arrivals are an incentive for viewers to tune in to the show. The most fascinating thing about them is that Supergirl is being managed to be brought into the same world and time as Arrow, The Flash, and Legends of Tomorrow.

The question being asked is will the creators be able to cash in on it? To find out, we will just have to wait and watch.