Metal Gear’s Official Twitter Confirms Mission 51 Isn’t Included In MGSV’s Definitive Edition

Phantom pain

Last year, players finally got to experience the last game developed by Hideo Kojima under Konami; Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Although the game sold well and it had been critically acclaimed, fans of the beloved stealth-action series were divided. Some said the game was the best in the series and welcomed the new Open-World mechanics and cutting edge graphics and physics of the game. Others said that the game’s limitations, sub-part story and clunky companion AI made MGSV an underwhelming mess not worthy of the groundbreaking and phenomenal Metal Gear series’ name. However, Metal Gear Solid V has been surrounded with controversy ever since it was released. Konami allegedly treated Kojima and their employees unfairly and lots of content was cut from the game. The final mission of the game is Mission 50; ending with Eli leaving Diamond Dogs with his fellow child soldiers and Sahelanthropus. Players were extremely dissatisfied with this ending and the game was considered unfinished.

The game’s Collector’s Edition Blu-Ray featured scenes from Mission 51, Kingdom of The Flies. To sum it up, this footage included cutscenes and concept art detailing Eli’s escape and the final confrontation between Diamond Dogs and Sahelanthropus. This was supposed to be the final boss and unlike all of the previous entries, this game did not feature one.

When it was confirmed in a tweet by the official Metal Gear Twitter that the Definitive Edition’s release date is October 11th, 2016; fans bombarded Twitter with questions regarding Mission 51 and lots of these questions were replied to with the same answers. Mission 51 is not the ending. Mission 51 is cancelled story content that was granted as a gift to people who purchased the Collector’s Edition as behind-the-scene footage of the game’s developmental stages. The true ending is present in Metal Gear Solid V according to Konami and Mission 51 will not be addressed as canon.