Megan Fox Possibly Starring As Poison Ivy


It was already exciting to hear that Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn will be getting her own feature in Gotham City Sirens and this rumor not only excited fans but even got the comic book geeks up and running all over the place.

As per rumors, there is another one and you might want to take a seat for this one; everyone’s favorite, Megan Fox, is likely to play the role of DC villain Poison Ivy in the film. This is not just a random suggestion but there is enough proof that can back this up.

A fan-site that goes by the name ‘Bleeding Cool’ has recently reported the following:

“[Fox] has expressed an interest in playing Poison Ivy before. That or Red Sonja. Lastly, and why we are really writing this article, Fox has been ordering comic books online, Very specific ones. I have been shown hard evidence that she has ordered pre-52 Harley Quinn comics that feature Poison Ivy, sent to her Warner Studios address.”

If there was such a thing as comic book movie enthusiast court of law then the evidence provided is not enough but it sure as hell is pretty interesting. But we should agree to the fact that the latest designs of Poison Ivy do suggest that Fox is going to be perfect for the role.

The previous actor to take on the role of Poison Ivy was Uma Thurman and she did justice to the character in 1997 Joel Schumacher’s Batman & Robin, back in the days. We, secretly, do kind of hope that this rumor is more than just a rumor because Megan Fox would be amazing as Poison Ivy. And her, in that green, leafy, evil, seductive suit is going to be so……damn!