Massive Greyjoy Battle Rumor GOT Season 7

House Greyjoy

Season 7 of Game Of Thrones has begun filming in Belfast and as always the rumor mill is ripe with speculation. It is rumored that a massive naval battle is set to take place involving the members of House Greyjoy.
Yara and Theon will engage their monstrous uncle Euron ‘Crowseye’, who seems to be the new big bad villain for season 7. It has also been rumored that one of the siblings will end up being captured by Euron mirroring the fate of their other uncle Aeron Greyjoy from a sample chapter of the highly anticipated installment of the books ‘The Winds of Winter’. Since Aeron Greyjoy does not have the same role in the show, it seems likely that his story arc will be merged with one of the siblings as we have so often seen the showrunners do.
Last we saw the Crowseye he was planning on wooing Daenerys Targaryen by building a thousand ships and offering them to her in return for a marriage alliance. Unfortunately for him his niece and nephew beat him to Mereen and secured the Dragon Queens favor. It seems as though Euron with his rather quickly assembled fleet will now seek an alliance with the newly crowned Queen on the Iron throne Cersei Lannister. Last we saw Cersie she blew up a bunch of religious fanatics while also destroying the Sept of Baelor, one of the holy sites for the Faith of the seven. In doing so Cersie also ended up wiping out the majority of the Tyrell family and her only allies driving the formidable forces of the Reach to Daenerys. Thus it makes perfect sense for her to team up with the King Of the Iron Isles with every other region of Westeros against her. The naval supremacy of the Ironborn over the rest of Westeros is well known and with the bulk of the Greyjoy forces and a newly built warfleet, Euron can prove to be a significant obstacle for the Targaryen forces as they look to retake Westeros and a formidable ally for House Lannister.
Cersie and Euron are a match made in hell and we simply can’t wait to see the madness continue when Game of Thrones returns for season 7.