Mass Effect Andromeda Might Be Borrowing A Page Out Of Dragon Age Inquisition’s Book

Mass Effect

Mass Effect Andromeda was announced to a lot of hype and expectations and many among us were glad that we will be getting a new Mass Effect game.  However there was a certain disappointment when most of us discovered that the game might not be the beginning of a new trilogy. However Mac Walters soon took to twitter to announce that fans need not worry as Mass Effect Andromeda won’t necessarily be the last game in the series. This forces you to ponder whether or not Bioware is looking to bring standalone story arcs to the Mass Effect franchise as they have done it so successfully in the past with the Dragon Age series.

I suppose this tweet by Ian Frazier gives a certain indication as to where the series might be headed.

This means that the final decision of whether the series will be a trilogy may well depend upon the fact that how much of the audience actually connects with the games protagonist Ryder. However not committing to the trilogy may well be the way to go, as this would mean there might be a longer story arc with singular heroes which we have previously seen being implemented successfully in the Dragon Age franchise. Furthermore Mass Effect as a series has been extremely human centric, and many fans would actually love to play as a Non –human lead something that has again been met with success when implemented in the Dragon Age franchise. It would be interesting to see Bioware experiment with the idea of playable non-human races as it was a standout feature in the Mass Effect 3 multiplayer. As someone who has in the past played as a Dalish elf mage I found my experience to be thoroughly enjoyable , and I would love to see Mass Effect experiment with Non- Human races as well

Furthermore a separate protagonist for each game sharing a common story will be beneficial for the franchise and will actually allow them to keep things fresh. Dragon Age’s success largely depended upon fantastic storytelling and a combination of both new and familiar faces which helped the game connect with the masses.  Similarly Mass Effect Andromeda may lay the foundation for future games and protagonist to draw upon from an already established game lore. It can be argued that this formula has been implemented rather well in Dragon Age, and only the second installment in the franchise was a bit lackluster as the audience by and large failed to connect with the protagonist. However the appearance of the protagonist Hawke in Dragon Age Inquisition as an NPC was something that was refreshing and intriguing and also praised by critics and fans alike. Hawke added to the already brilliant story and proceeded to engrave himself in the hearts of fans as a fallen hero, and it would be interesting to see a similar treatment be given to potential future Mass Effect Andromeda installments.

A standalone story arc within a shared universe also offers the prospect of continuity and connectivity as well, and it will allow the story to play out in a natural sequence, and add depth to what is already a fantastic saga.