Mass Effect Andromeda Will Be Bioware’s Biggest Game?


As we all know that the games developed by BioWare have worlds that are super large and this allows them to create a fantastic universe. Hence it is extremely likely that Mass Effect: Andromeda is perhaps going to be the largest game ever developed by BioWare.

The Mass Effect series is known for its immense and breathtaking locations where players can traverse through numerous different levels that ranged from Noveria to Omego to Ferros to Illium and let’s not forget to mention Citadel. All these were immense and offered they player a lot of interaction with a lot of people and a lot of stuff to do. If this indeed holds true than Andromeda Will most likely be a sci-fi version of Dragon Age Origins.

Keeping in mind that this time around there is a whole new galaxy Andromeda to explore and it seems the player will be spoilt for choice. BioWare has proven that it is capable of doing so many different things with respect to making the game huge: bearing in mind that every planet the player visits can be landed upon as well as explored by the Nomad, we have our high hopes on the fact that we are to experience many fascinating things which will make the game either the dream or a nightmare for a perfectionist.

In the upcoming game Mass Effect: Andromeda, there will be many NPC’s to interact with, many planets to explore, many adventures to tackle, many bad guys to battle against and as well a whole new culture that the player is going to experience.

Perhaps after Dragon Age: Inquisition and the meme of “Get out of the Hinterlands”, the developer has made the largest game in its history which not only has variety of quests but also a lot of content. No matter what the truth is, we’re still waiting for it to be released so we can firsthand see how big it really is!!