Mass Effect: Andromeda Reveal Trailer – Out Now!

Mass Effect

Staying with the traditions of N7 Day, the developer BioWare has alas revealed the cinematic trailer of Mass Effect: Andromeda. And they are aliens. Huge. Big. Immense. Aliens.

It is not everyday we see gameplay and it is actually unfortunate, yet it seems beautiful! The aliens are of different kinds and new ones too! Did I mention the part about them being BIG! Oh oh, Mako is back in action too!!

The trailer is amazing and it is fierce! Although there are not many details in the trailer, just snippets of the game and conversations. Soon, a full proper trailer analysis will be up but for now, enjoy the clip!

The official description reads “As Ryder, players will embark on a one-way mission from the Milky Way Galaxy to the Andromeda Galaxy to discover and colonize distant worlds.”

Happy N7 Day!!

Watch the clip here: