Mass Effect Andromeda Multiplayer Will Be Launched With 5 Maps And 25 Characters

Mass Effect

There were no expectations of Mass Effect 3’s multiplayer to turn out to be big or as well received as it was. Initially it was considered to be a useless addition, the mode suddenly did make a huge audience of players and all hail goes to the fast and fun co-op gameplay. The mode has now returned with Mass Effect Andromeda multiplayer, offering an improved version of the game mode. The game will launch with around five maps and 25 characters from which the players can chose from.

The maps are:

  1. Firebase Sandstorm
  2. Firebase Zero
  3. Firebase Icebreaker
  4. Firebase Magma
  5. Firebase Derelict

At PAX East 2017, Bioware was strutting the Sandstorm map that was little yet immensely beneficial from the enhanced verticality provided by the new jumping and boost mechanics of Andromeda. Cover was dispersed across that permitted rosters to use it whenever required and this was fast and easy; credit goes to the latest cover framework which puts you in cover without  pressing  a button.

The maps apart from Sandstorm seem like very distinctive variants on the multiplayer formula of Mass Effect, with various environments which create separate landscapes of play. In addition, all the five seem to offer a lot of variety to the game but expectations are more from the free DLC in the future.

In reference to characters, as previously mentioned, Mass Effect: Andromeda will be launching with 25 different character kits which the player can choose from. These combine races with types of characters to create various combinations of abilities. Sharing of weapons can be done among classes hence there is no worrying in you want a sniper rifle that is more soldier oriented. Through the DLC, more characters are going to be added later on but with 25 to try out, there is a lot to do already.

On the 21st of March, 2017 the game Mass Effect: Andromeda will come out on PS4, Xbox One and PC.