Mass Effect Andromeda: Locate All Memory Triggers

Mass Effect

Upon the arrival on the Nexus in the beginning of the game, Mass Effect Andromeda, the side operation that the rosters receive is called Ryder Family Secrets. SAM, the Al who was found blending with your father has rather joined you now; however, your father has kept many memories from you in order to keep you from being utterly shocked. You are to look for a certain number of Memory Triggers in order to unlock these memories so that your father’s secrets can be unveiled.
The initiation Memory Trigger is located in the room of your father that is the door after SAM Node on the Hyperion. Go in there to find a glowing ball near the kitchen table.
The second Memory Trigger is on Eos, the primary Uncharted World which must be explored after obtaining the Tempest. Head over to Site 1: Promise and this is where you initially landed at on Eos, after this go on your way on the top of the cliff which looms over the site after which you are to interact with the glowing orb in order to redeem it.
Near the Kett facility on Eos, you can find the third Memory Trigger. You in search of a cliff that leads towards north and you must climb it to locate the Memory Trigger.
The fourth Memory Trigger can be found in Prodromos which is near Austin Bradley. It is rather easy to not miss. Search for it once you settle in Eos and then claim in to go a step further to unlocking more memories.
Found in Havarl is your fifth Memory Trigger. Locate the Turian encampment while you’re doing the mission “Turian Ar: Not Dead Yet” then find it under a big light that is among several crates.
For the sixth Memory Trigger, you will have to travel to Mithrava. The easy way to find it is to reach the top of the tower throughout the quest ‘A Dying Planet’.
In the Forgotten Depths, you are to find the seventh Memory Trigger. The Forgotten Depths is another area where you will reach while you are playing the quest ‘A Dying Planet’. On Havarl, you are to follow Taavos in order to reach the remains of the third vault. Once you activate the vault, you can see at the north of the Remnant console and the Gravity Well in order to find this glowing Memory Trigger.
The Memory Trigger locations will and can be updated to you regularly so you must check back again and again.