Despite Fan Criticism Mass Effect Andromeda Day One Patch Wont Help Improve Animations

Mass Effect

Mass Effect Andromeda has recently been in the line of fire for its lackluster animations. Despite the widespread criticism the day one patch will not offer any improvements on the character models or animation.

In a recent tweet Mass Effect Andromeda Lead Designer Ian Frazer responded to a fan who wanted to know if there would be improvements to the character models in the day one patch. Here is how he replied.

it seems that the deadline for the enhancement on patches has passed , however it is encouraging to know at the very least that in the future we will be getting more patches which will potentially improve the in game animation and character design. Frazer has indicated as much  by saying there will be  “more patches later on,”. However he also clarified that it is still under discussion as to what might be included in the said patches. “exactly what goes into them is still in discussion.”

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Since the game has gone live For EA Access members a ton of complains have floated in all of them more or less centered around the shoddy animations in the game.  There also appears to be a bit of an issue with the sound with one reviewer pointing out.

Wearing surround sound headphones so I can get a feel for the battleground is a huge bonus. Sitting on the back side of a ramp with out of map area on my 3, 6, 9 o’clock and hearing battle sounds all around me was really frustrating. Hopefully if this gets addressed there will be better auditory cues for when reloading is complete. Playing with a Widow and having so much noise it was hard to hear when the animation was complete and since combat gets hectic, visual cues can be difficult sometimes.

Mass Effect Andromeda comes out on 21st March , let us know if you will be buying the game by commenting in the comments section below.