Marvel’s The Defenders Might See Elektra Turn Rogue

The Defenders

Marvel’s The Defenders which is set to release in August 2017 will offer the fans a chance to feature a familiar villain. In one of the latest posters of Marvel Studios, Elektra from Daredevil is shown in the poster. For those of you who might not know, Elektra was a villain in Daredevil who was killed fighting the Hand alongside Daredevil.

Now according to the latest report Elektra is set to make her comeback in the Defenders. But the question that most fans will ask is whether Elektra will be with the Defenders or against them. The latest poster from Marvel however shows that Elektra might be with the villains. In the poster she is shown to be standing alongside with the unrevealed villain.

While the exact details of the main antagonist in the latest Marvel Tv series remains unknown, we know that Hand is likely to create trouble for the Defenders. When Elektra is killed in season 2 her body goes into the possession of this nefarious group. This little bit of detail could prove that this wicked order might have a hand in the resurrection of Elektra. Moreover, Elektra is also considered as the Black Sky or the weapon worshipped by the Hand.

In modern times we see that different super heroes have finally begin to cross one another’s paths and are also forming strong alliances. While this concept was adopted much earlier by the Cartoons, directors and producers are aiming to bring them to the big screen with darker themes. Recently we have seen how the Avengers have made big gains in the box office and Defenders might just be able to do the same.

Complex and darker story lines also provide these studios to tap into a new target market allowing them to diversify and broaden their revenue generating sources.