Marvel Shows Leads Viewership Charts In The US



While Marvel may have started late in the TV show universe it has done well to catch up quickly. Just like its Cinematic universe, the comic book franchise has carefully planned and executed a structure somewhat similar. Marvel first familiarized its audience with individual super hero shows and then combined them into one as the Defenders.

Marvel’s shows have also tended to do well when it comes to ratings.  While it’s quite difficult to solicit ratings data from Netflix, a marketing analytics firm by the name of Jumpshot as reported by Variety has given us a sneak peek at fans most favored shows.

The table is depicted below.


As shown above, Marvel’s Iron Fist is Marvel and Netflix’s second most viewed show. The data that has been displayed above is the relative number of US Netflix viewers who have watched at least one episode of the show. Daredevil’s season 2 leads the charts with the most views, while 13 Reasons Why follows suit. Iron Fist comes in third followed by Luke Cage and Jessica Jones which again belong to Marvel.

Marvel, as mentioned above is seeing huge success with TV show viewers. Defenders, which is the uniting of all four superheroes combined may be another jackpot for Marvel. It seems that Marvel has things planned out well and tries little to deviate from its plan. It has a well-defined model. The Avengers like the Defenders was only released once the super heroes were known to the wider audience.

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