Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy 2 Laying The Foundations For Avengers Infinity War


Marvel Studios and post movie credit scenes have a long history together. Most production houses usually add up all the details and conclusions of the specified duration of the movie. However, Marvel studios like to take things one step ahead by adding post credit movie scenes. The strategy allows Marvel to keep the audience captivated till the very end and glued to their seats. It’s a good way to ensure the viewers see all the credits.

This procedure has worked out for other studios as well. While Marvel may be the only one employing this strategy, the viewers often got confused and think that other studios follow suit. I remember a time when I was watching Batman Vs Superman in the cinema. Even after the movie ended, spectators were rooted to their seats hoping for a bonus scene after the credit. It was only after guarantees from the cinema support staff and post credit scenes that the spectators realize that it was high time for them to leave.

One of Marvel’s most anticipated movie is the sequel to the Guardians of the Galaxy. The movie is just 17 days away from hitting the big screen has a lot to offer to the audience. This movie is destined to set the shape of Marvel’s future films and director James Gunn wants to ensure that the movie delivers. Guardians of the Galaxy in the future are set to team up with the Avengers to fight against Thanos. While fans are already familiar with the Avengers, Marvel also wants to develop the audience’s acquaintance with the Guardians. This latest installment by Marvel is a combination of both adventure and humor and is likely to give the onlookers somehow idea as to how the fight against Thanos will shape up. Marvel has also complemented the movie with several post credit scenes as well.

Regarding Infinity Wars, James Gunn said that “Much of what’s happened in the MCU for the past ten or so years has been leading, in a big way, to the Avengers’ Infinity War,” he added. “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 will happen after all that. It will conclude the story of this iteration of the Guardians of the Galaxy, and help catapult both old and new Marvel characters into the next ten years and beyond.

The post credit scenes in the Marvel installments generally hint at the events of the future. Director James Gunn has decided to give the audience up to five post credit scenes. The exact contents of the scenes still remain unknown but it will surely give fans a run for their money leaving their curiosity aroused for the infinity wars and the next Guardians of the Galaxy installment.

While we don’t know what the content of the post credit scenes will be, we surely know as to what it would not include. Nathan Fillion recently posted a picture of himself being in a spaceship indicating a scene from the Guardians of the Galaxy film. However, James Gunn dismissed this claim through his tweed indicating that Fillion was never going to appear in the movie. Fillion has a long history of working with James Gunn in the past as well.

While Fillion may not have a role in the movie, it has a whole lot of new roles. According to reports, Yondu’s back story will be revealed. Like the today’s Guardians, Yondu back in his days also had a team called the Guardians of the Galaxy. Some of the original members of that team will be revealed in this movie.

James Gunn has had success with the first Guardians of the Galaxy and it looks like Marvel studios want him to stay till the third. “So, yes, I’m returning to write and direct Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 , they have more adventures to go on and things to learn about themselves and the wonderful and sometimes terrifying universe we all inhabit.”