Manu Bennett Reaction To Deathstroke Casting


Joseph Michael “Joe” Manganiello – American actor, director, producer and author is going to be the first actor to play the role of Deathstroke in a theatrical movie.However, he is not the only person to bring the famed DC mercenary to life in live action. The most recent forerunner of Joe is Manu Bennett – he played Slade Wilson in three seasons of Arrow. Although it has been a while since Manu replayed his character, yet providently, he does not seem to have any negative or harsh feelings with respect to the new Deathstroke. This is evident from his hilarious reaction he posted on Twitter


Reacting to a gif of him alluringly dancing which was sent to his Spartacus co-star Liam McIntyre on Twitter, Manu Bennett clowned that if Joe Manganiello will be playing Deathstroke, he should be playing Magic Mike. This is alluding to Manganiello’s part as “Big Dick” Richie in the Channing Tatum-drove stripper comedy dramatizations. While there are, without a doubt, Manu Bennett fans out there who wouldn’t have any problems with seeing him strut his stuff in a Magic Mike follow-up, this doesn’t have all the earmarks of being a tradeoff circumstance. Still, it’s great to see that he’s cool with somebody taking the Deathstroke reins.

Manu Bennett’s Slade Wilson appeared first in Arrow Season 1 flashbacks as another occupant on the island where Oliver Queen was trapped. Slade showed Oliver how to battle and turned into a nearby ally. In Season 2, viewers watched his descent to villainy in the flashbacks, while the present day storyline saw Slade demanding his retribution on Oliver Queen following quite a while of planning. In the wake of being vanquished and detained in the Season 2 finale, he returned for a visitor spot in the Season 3 episode “The Return”, however, Bennett later communicated his failure on how the show took Slade “in the wrong direction.” Deathstroke hasn’t been seen on Arrow from that point onwards, yet series star Stephen Amell currently recommended that Bennett’s iteration of the character could return without there being any contention with the film division.

We’ll keep you notified on what’s going on with the cinematic Deathstroke as more data comes in. With respect to Bennett, you can get him as Allanon in the MTV series, The Shannara Chronicles.