Manu Bennett Campaigns For Solo Deathstroke Series

Batman Movie

Arrow Star Manu Bennett who plays Deathstroke on the show is campaigning for a separate series for the DCU anti-hero.

Last week the season finale of  Arrow aired and it featured some of the most unlikely alliances ever seen. Especially when it came to Deathstroke the character did a complete 360 and joined The Green Arrow in the fight against Prometheus. Deathstroke was seen in a completely different and new light. He is on the path to becoming more of an anti-hero and was seen initiating a journey which would lead him to his son. As this storyline continues to unfold, fans have started requesting for a solo series for Deathstroke.

And by fans, we mean EVERYONE, even those who are BTS because the creator of Deathstroke, Marv Wolfman was enticed by this idea so was David Ramsey.

Deathstroke first appeared as the main antagonist in the second season , however after his incarceration he was rarely seen until now, and considering that he is one of the characters who is expected to  survive the finale cliffhanger of Arrow Season 5.

On Wednesday afternoon, Bennett was seen on Twitter initiating a spur among fans in order to bring a Deathstroke series . In this tweet, he tagged DC Comics, WB, Gret Berlanti, Marc Guggenheim and Netflix so that they know how much fans actually WANT this. Check it out below:

It does seem like a potential Deathstroke series could be one which can grip the audience as the character has an interesting backstory which we can further delve into. The character is the kind of anti-hero who divides opinion and that almost always makes for great TV. Given the fact that DC has been actively looking new entities to add to their TV roster , a Deathstroke series does not seem out of the real of possibilities

If you also want a solo Deathstroke series then go to Twitter and let Bennett and others know!!