Major Nelson Discusses PS4 Exclusive DLC

Xbox One major Nelson

At PAX Australia 2016 Larry Hryb AKA Major Nelson commented on PS4 exclusive DLC’s saying that Microsoft wants to spend its money on what’s “best for the community” .  it can arguably be said that in this era PS4 has managed to grab all the hot exclusives , and according to Major Nelson this is because Sony  “decided to write a lot of [checks]”.

Its pretty obvious that Sony is doing all that they can do to keep PS4 users enthralled with the console and to provide an incentive for Xbox One users to make the switch. One such example is Destiny which last fall with the release of the Taken King expansion treated PS4 owners to a handful of exclusives. Come this fall those exclusives were supposed to be made available to Xbox One users as well , however with the release of the Rise Of Iron expansion it was announced that exclusivity will be extended by another year. This is a major FU to Destiny fans on Microsoft consoles.

There is a valid reason why people hate DLC, and it’s a very unfortunate trend in the gaming industry where companies are easily persuaded to offer it. Destiny Rise Of iron also has exclusive DLC for the PS4 and the smart money will be on assuming that it will never make its way to Xbox One due to the release of Destiny 2 in Fall 2017.

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