Major Announcements From Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Event


Square Enix celebrated the 30th anniversary of Final Fantasy by hosting an event in Japan today. Many of the series main developers were in attendance and made numerous announcements regarding several upcoming Final Fantasy titles. The major news was the details on FF15 DLC and the release date for FF12: The Zodiac Age.

The event began with executive producer Shinji Hashimo taking the stage to thank the fans as well as welcoming composer Nobuo Uematsu and artwork designer Yoshitaka Amano. While series creator Hironobu Sakaguchi was sick with the flu, he did send a video message in his absence.


Final Fantasy 15 will receive superhero-themed exosuit costumes which will be included in a DLC pack that’s hitting on February 21. Episode Gladio is FF15’s first major DLC and sees you play as Gladiolus. It’s part of the season pass, will launch on March 28th. He’ll be joined by Cor Leonis, a side character in FF15 who fans quite liked and found to be under-developed. The second major story DLC is Episode Prompto which will launch in June.


FF12’s HD Remaster which will launch on July 11th in the West and July 13th in Japan. Balthier will be added as a DLC Champion Summon to last year’s World of Final Fantasy to celebrate FF12’s imminent release


Producer and Director Naoki Yoshida went over the June 20th release date for Stormblood, FF14’s latest expansion. There’s a live action FF14 TV show ‘Daddy of Light’, which is based on a blog and novel. It tells the heart-warming story of a father and son who bond in new ways by playing FF14.


As for the Final Fantasy 7 remake Square Enix released a first new ‘key visual’ for the game.


There were a few other minor announcements that included A Final Fantasy fashion line-up, Some Final Fantasy Wine, Final Fantasy: Lost Strangers, a new manga series for Japan, A range of character cross-overs in games such as Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia (Japan only for now), Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, Mobius Final Fantasy and Itadaki Street.