Lucky User Gets Signed Titanfall 2 Copy From Respawn


A gamer’s Titanfall 2 game was stolen, so Respawn sent over a new signed copy along with a message. “Sorry your stuff got stolen. Here are a few things for you. Thanks for your support of Titanfall.”


The user’s house was robbed on Halloween night while he was out for trick or treating with his daughter. The robbers stole his PS4 (among other things), and inside his PS4, was his brand new Titanfall 2 disk. The user posted to r/Titanfall and somehow someone got a hold of it and he was then private messaged. Surprisingly, Respawn went ahead to send a signed copy along with the message.

This is great stuff from Respawn, looking out for its users and being so considerate. Really helps having your name in the good books of your customers. This gesture might not be a big deal for Respawn but it certainly is for the user. What do you make of this? Share your views and opinions by commenting in the comments section below.