It’s Official A Lord Of The Rings TV Series Will Be Heading Our Way Soon



News regarding the Lord of the Rings TV show are finally coming to fruition. Warner Bros had developed a big name for its Lord of the Rings and Hobbit franchises and now were looking to take the next step in the development of the franchise.

The Hobbit was a narrative  of  the adventures of Bilbo Baggins, while Lord of the Rings focused on Frodo’s adventures to Mordor. If the series goes forward it would be a prequel some way between the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings. Perhaps it will borrow some elements from the novel Silmarillion , but at this point nothing is confirmed.

Recently we got news that Warner Bros Studios and the Tolkien estate were in negotiations with Amazon regarding the Lord of the Rings TV series. Now according to  Variety, Amazon has decided to pursue a multi season strategy for the Lord of the Rings Tv series.

There are many speculations on who the protagonists will be in the series. Some argue that our original heroes would be there but in their younger forms. Others believe that a completely different storyline will be followed with new heroes. We believe that the show might give us a complete view of the shire and might also touch upon other important subjects such as dwarfs and elves. Each season might have its own antagonist.

This is quite an important step for Amazon. Fantasy shows like Game of Thrones have made quite a mark amongst the audiences and Amazon wanted to enter into the same territory to share the riches. In addition to its Lord of the Ring interests it is working on several other fantasy TV shows as well which include Ringworld, Lazarus and Snow crash.

However the Lord of the rings is one of the most high profile names in the world of literature and fantasy , and having a TV series based on the works of Tolkien will only boost Amazon’s visibility in the digital media sector.