Live Action Star Wars TV Series Is In The Works



We take a look at Disney’s latest endeavor which is a live action Star Wars TV series.

Full length feature films at times aren’t sufficient to articulate the complete picture to the audiences. Limited by time, the crew and cast must confine themselves. The introduction, plot and conclusion at times is thrown at the audience’s face without setting up things first.

All the restrictions of films have created a strong popularity for TV shows. We see almost every entertainment company coming up with line extensions of their existing film categories to TV shows. Recently, Warner Bros revealed that it was analyzing the possibility of launching a TV show based on the shire from the Lord of the Rings.

Now it looks like that Disney is also planning to come with a TV series of one of its most iconic franchises. The franchise is none other than Star Wars TV Series.  We can expect to see  the series on our TV screens by 2019.

The news was broken by Disney’s Bob Iger in the company’s third quarter 2017 earnings call. What’s more Disney along with the series is also expected to develop a streaming service of its own. Some other franchises that might get their TV shows are Monsters Inc. and High School Musical. Disney will also launch a Marvel series on the platform.

With Netflix’s recent popularity, Disney thinks its feasible to come up with their own streaming service. Disney will also be pulling all of its content off from Netflix and shifting it to their TV service. We feel that this move might be a blunder. People pay money for Netflix not just to watch Disney shows but other shows that come on it as well. We don’t think that many people would be interested for paying money for a Disney exclusive streaming site.