Life Is Strange 2 Is In The Works


Life Is Strange left us amazed with it’s unique plot and amazing storytelling when it first came out in the start of 2015. Ever since the last episode for the game came out, we were left wondering when we would get a sequel. It is now confirmed that the sequel is in development according to Dontnod.

Development was started initially after the physical version of Life Is Strange came out sometime in 2016. Details are scarce about the game and we do not know whether it will be a direct sequel to the first game or something else entirely. The story could be picked up from the end of the first game or start something new with the same cast. Down below is a message from the devs regarding Life Is Strange 2

Dontnod said that there will be no sign of the game at E3 this year maybe because the game is still too early in development. The publisher revealed that they had made good numbers in terms of overall sales of the game. 3 million players have bought the game, a number that does not include the people that downloaded the free first episode of the game.

There was also talk about a live action tv-show for the game that was in the works, according to Square Enix. There have been no further details about that either. The studio is partnering up with Legendary Entertainment to bring us the show and we might get to hear more about that later in the year.

Life Is Strange’s first episode was made free last year and if you haven’t tried it out yet, go play it and see why we’re so hyped about the sequel. Let us know what you think about the upcoming Life Is Strange 2 by commenting in the comments section below.