Life Is Strange Is Taking Upon Itself To Combat Mental Illnnes Through Marketing Campaigns.



Life is Strange Before The Storm Episode 1 came out just over a month ago and the devs poured their heart and soul in a game which can be best described as a letter for your friend since the game’s main focus is Friendship. In a premise where all real world problems come into effect like Depression, Bullying, Peer Pressure and Suicide Life Is Strange Before The Storm does a good job of getting into the nitty gritty of things. Now the Developers behind it are bringing the concept to the real world.

The original game’s story was centered around Chloe and Max’s friendship, whilst the newest entry into the saga Before The Storm acts as a prequel and centers around the friendship of Rachel and Chloe. The devs on the prequel have also tried to make a social impact via their art.

The original campaign has turned into a sort of a Vlog in which people can share their heartfelt messages for their friends or someone they’ve been meaning to get in touch with under the hashtag #YourFriendMe through their campaign focused website.

The Publisher’s of Life Is Strange Square Enix has promised to donate $5 on every video upto a total of $25,000. The donation will go to a charity organization which combats mental and psychological issues named  JED Foundation which as the website describes is , an advocate for the mental health of teens and young adults nationwide, partnering with high schools and colleges to strengthen substance abuse programs and suicide prevention programs.”

It’s nice to see that developers and video gaming enthusiasts and the community are aware about the social challenges that currently exist in the real world. Mental Illness often goes undiagnosed and hence it’s a good way to actually encourage others who suffer in silence. It’s always nice to know that you are not alone.