Legion Has Been Renewed For Season 2


Here we give you the least surprising news of the day and it is about Legion but we make no apologies for the lack of surprise and that is because the season has been renewed for a second season on FX .

The show has received critical acclaim  and it comes as no surprise that FX opted to order another season. The show has developed a very well built fanbase which reflects what HBO accomplished with the airing of Westworld on it in the previous year. Both the shows immensely rely on the theories of fans and complicate narratives that need a lot of attention. Dissimilar to Westworld, the show Legion has an affluent history of fans which can quarry from utilizing the authentic comics of Marvel. The series which follows the mutant David Haller as he learns to cope with his abilities which were previously diagnosed as psychiatric illness is actually the initial shared TV property between the networks Fox and Marvel.

The head of Marvel TV, Jeph Loeb said in a press release that he is proud what FX and Marvel were able to achieve with Legion. Another live-action series based on the X-Men Universe is what Marvel and Fox have on their to-do list for this year. It is going to shadow the parents of the two young mutants that have to go on the run after a repressive government threatens them to harm extraordinary beings.

The main concern that the fans have with Legion is that the highly unsubstantial storyline in the show. The showrunner, Noah Hawley, has been blamed for sacrificing matter for style but he recently made sure that the plot of the show would be easier to understand by the end of the season

Legion airs on FX on the nights of Wednesday at 10 pm ET.