The Legend of Zelda Is Coming To Mobile; WSJ Predicts


It has been rumored that The Legend of Zelda series is coming to mobile according to the Wall Street Journal. Nintendo is going to supposedly use the extraordinary series to expand upon their mobile game library in collaboration with DeNA. The game is set to hit the mobile stores sometime later this year after the release of Animal Crossing on the same platforms. There has been no initial leak or details confirmed of the upcoming game. There have been no trailers or teasers or pricing rumors as of yet but we are sure that these details will be revealed as soon the release date draws near.

It is not surprising at all that Nintendo would chose the Legend of Zelda series as the recent success of Breath of the Wild has made the series a fan favourite to a new generation of gamers as well as being a kind treat to OG fans of the series. Nintendo Switch launched with the Breath of the Wild as a launch title and a mobile Zelda title will also do wonders for the company.

Nintendo has not had any special luck in the mobile business as of recently but it aims to change that with this release. Pokemon GO was the last game related to Nintendo to hit mobile stores but the company only had minimal participation in the development and benefits of the game. Super Mario Run was a fully fledged Nintendo release for mobile that cost 10 dollars to continue playing the full game after the initial trial levels.

Even though Super Mario Run did not prove to be a success, Nintendo are still hopeful that they can influence the mobile gaming industry with games like Legend Of Zelda and Animal Crossing. E3 2017 in June would be the perfect time for Nintendo to unveil anything about this mobile Zelda game so stay tuned for more on that!