A Leaked Destiny Video Teases The Cancelled Vex DLC

Destiny 2

A leaked video has apparently revealed the cinematic intro to the cancelled Vex DLC of the first-person shooter video game Destiny Whether we’ll eventually get anything out of it remains to be seen, even if Destiny 2 is supposed to come out this year, according to Activision.

From a gameplay perspective there really isn’t much to see. The video isn’t much to look at in terms of any gameplay as it instead focuses on showcasing how Vex are being built or born or whatever you want to call it. We can see a Vex Goblin being assembled with the Vex’s milky white fluid that we love to shoot out of them being poured into the bodies before they’re fully assembled and their eyes light up.

The leaked video makes just about as much sense as any other thing regarding the Vex, as they’re probably the strangest faction in the Milky Way given their ability to manipulate time, space, and matter. An example of which can be witnessed at the Vault of Glass where the Vex seemed to be trying to weaponize time itself.

According to previous leaks a DLC called Vex Void was intended to follow The Taken King, but Bungie changed directions and dropped the project. The three expansions that Destiny did get were mainly dedicated to the Fallen and Hive, in the form of The Dark Below, House of Wolves, The Taken King, and Rise of Iron.

It is confirmed that Destiny 2 is planned for 2017 which probably means that Bungie right now are entirely focused on the sequel. This means that we’re unlikely to see whatever original Destiny adventures this video was meant to tease anytime soon. There is still a slight possibility though as the studio has previously taken scrapped material and reworked it into new missions and areas in the past so we may yet get to see more of the origins of the mysterious Vex.