Lawbreakers Will Have A Free Trial This Weekend.



Lawbreakers by Boss Games has had it rough since its Launch and with its dwindling player base on Steam the game’s Life Span doesn’t seem so bright and so to counter that Cliff Bleszinski and the team behind Lawbreakers are working on methods to reel players in.

The first being releasing  an Update which revamps the games combat completely. The revamps include but are not limited to;Non-Combat Regeneration, increase in overall health for all characters, relocating spawn points and decreasing spawn time. These changes just might change the game for the players.

Now the Second Part and this is the part where The Free Trial comes in the idea is that to expose players of the new changes and the game itself, LawBreakers is Free to Play on Steam from 9/28 – 10/2 10am PDT. Alongside the free Trial there will also be a discount of 25% on the Games $30 price tag.

Lawbreakers has had a rocky launch because of many reasons one of them being its release date. Releasing alongside Destiny 2 a critically acclaimed shooter and people still playing Overwatch which is the Top trending in the so called Hero Shooters doesn’t bode well for competition. Specially when you are the new kid on the block. With all of that there is the added issue of some fans being reluctant to buy a game which was orginally Free-To-Play. A recent example is BattleBorn which fought till the end until turning into a Free-To-Paly title with Gearbox no longer supporting the Title.

It seems though Boss Key has an entire plan set up for the next quarter of the year with a ton of Updates coming out very soon. Whether they are able to make Lawbreakers sustainable in the long run though is a whole other story.

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