LawBreakers Director Explains Why It Is Being Released On The PS4 And Not Xbox One



Back when LawBreakers was announced, it brought forward the promise of an action packed shooter coming for the PC set for release in 2016. Now, a year later, it is set to release in August 2017 and will also be coming to the PS4 along with the PC. The clear exclusion of Xbox One as a platform for the game was felt by many gamers and it has been questioned a lot throughout the development cycle of the game.


Cliff Bleszinski, the director of LawBreakers, is the man that was responsible for the Xbox exclusive Gears of War series so it was a shock to the Xbox audience when LawBreakers was not coming for the Xbox One. Cliff has stated multiple times on twitter that a possible Xbox One release later on is not ruled out but he clarified about his choice for the PS4 in a recent interview he had with IGN.


“Xbox fanboys got really salty at me on Twitter, like, ‘It’s like you’re turning your back on the box that built your career with Gears. And I’m like, not necessarily, because my first priority to me is my employees. I have 65 employees, many of whom have families, and I need to keep the lights on. When we looked at the fact that we could only ship on one console initially, PlayStation has the huge install base. That doesn’t mean that we can’t do an Xbox version later, or Xbox XOXO, or whatever they’re calling it these days. I wouldn’t rule it out,”, this is what Bleszinski had to say.


The decision of snubbing the Xbox One release at launch was due to the limitations of the small team working on the game and to look after their workload. There will be a closed beta for the game on June 28 for the Pc and will eventually transition into an open beta the 30th of June.


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